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With every passing day in today’s technologically driven world, the newest tools and applications are quickly closing the gap between professional use and consumer accessibility. What required complex design and high powered machinery only a decade ago can now be driven by the simple devices we hold in our hands. And while many technologies have lost their competitive uses on either a professional or consumer level, sometimes there is a unique technology that not only continues to cross both ends of the spectrum, but has the potential to change the world for consumers and professionals alike.

This is Puppet Digital.

Puppet Digital is an innovative, marker-less facial and motion capture technology that combines modern solutions for motion capture with unique approaches to animation, all in a single solution. For Business to Business applications, the software solution can create high quality, real-time facial and body capture that rivals current, and more cumbersome technology on the market today. And just around the corner, the consumer version of the software will allow users to create live, real-time, animated “avatars” online in social media applications.

From Live Events, where digital avatars can be used to add unique style to a product presentation, to gaming, where this unique product is ready to change the way games themselves are created, Puppet Digital is poised to create innovative visualization solutions for a wide range of customers.

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